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EXPOSURE : Apr 18 to Jun 18

A Psychology Test for SSB Interview Preparation was conducted for Classes IX, X and XI. It aimed at acquainting the cadets with a basic knowledge about SSB and to kindle their eagerness to prepare themselves to achieve Success in cracking SSB. Principal gave an introduction and conducted a mock test. WAT, SRT and PPDT were conducted. Cadets attempted the questions with keen involvement.

  • Workshop on Emotional Intelligence by Sqn Ldr Deepa Nailwal (Retd)

A thought provoking, interactive Workshop for Teachers on Emotional Intelligence was conducted by Sqn Ldr Deepa Nailwal, a retired officer from Indian Air Force and Human Resource Trainer. The staff members were enriched by the interactive session taken by the resource person.

  • Artificial rock climbing training at SSB : Click here for photo
  • Air Rifle Firing Practice Session For Class IX

Firing practice session for class IX was organised from 0900 hrs to 1100 hrs. ANOs and PI Staff guided them and chance was given to all the cadets of class IX to fire using Air Rifle / Air Pistol. Cadets gained a good exposure and enjoyed the experience.

In order to give real time experience of Military Planning, Night Route March was organized for the cadets of class XII.The cadets followed two different routes to reach the destination i.e., School Parade Ground. They slotted the Grid Reference given by the NCC Staff using compass and map to pass through three different points in the route.The Cadets gained a lot of practical knowledge about Time, Distance and Direction which is required for Military Planning Exercise during SSB. 

  • All India Sainik Schools Mountaineering Expedition Conducted by Sainik School Kunjpura

All India Sainik Schools’ Mountaineering Expedition was conducted by Sainik School Kunjpura from 25 May to 14 Jun 2018.Cdt Vishal Parmar (5618) and Cdt Abhay Kumar (5567) of class XI participated in that expedition and scaled a height of 5342metres, Ladakhi peak in Manali region.The expedition was led by Lt Col Astha Kotnala, Vice Principal of Sainik School Kunjpura.A total of 50 cadets from 24 different Sainik Schools participated in the expedition.

  • All India Sainik Schools Teachers’ Workshop Conducted by Sainik School Kodagu

All India Sainik Schools Teachers’ Workshop held at Sainik School Kodagu from 28 May to 02 Jun 2018.Dr Mahesh Bohra, PGT Maths, Ms Sunita Kademani, PGT English and Mr Vinod Harimkar, Librarian attended the same. The staff got enriched by attending the workshop.

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