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Balachadi, O Balachadi! We cannot forget 7th March! It is Sainik School Balachadi's Birthday! This is when the school shifted from Jamnagar (1961-65) to Balachadi (1965 to today). Just imagine, Late Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri ji in his very brief tenure as Prime Minister of India came to Balachadi to inaugurate this wonderful school and it was exactly 58 years back... Lt Col KD Hiranandani was the Principal and the first batchers must be having fondest memories of that moment!

 I remember Natwar Parmar Roll No.1 mentioning that they lived in SSJ (Jamnagar) and they used to come to Balachadi on horsebacks to see the school buildings coming up. Late Mr Kamlesh Kanti, the quintessential Hindi Teacher and an avid writer had written an article on this Inauguration of SSB by LBS and it appeared with superb photographs in the then most famous 'Dharmyug'. I have a copy of that issue of 'Dharmyug' and will share the pics whenever i can find them. Mr MK Parmar sir and Mr VN Bhargava sir are perhaps the only teachers surviving those glittering moments! What i can never forget  is both the view of the Balachadi beach from those classrooms (a-ha!) and the view of the now-razed superlative iconic School building from the Temple Road... Jai Hind, Jai Balachadi! 

A post by Dr Mukesh Bavishi Roll No. 480
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